Mediflorence Medicaments Ltd. is formed by a group of technocrats having varied and vast experience in the fields of manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance and distribution logistics.

1.The group is headquartered at Delhi and having zonal office at Meerut(NCR) and a collaboration for the technical knowhow with Florance Corporation , Mountain view Callifornia, U.S.A.

2.Mediflorence has these principles ingrained in its culture.

3.Human assets are the greatest capital assets.

4.Innovation is the seed capital of the business.

5.Strive to be better than the Best.

6.Customer service is the fuel for growth.

7.Success is the key effect of smart hard work.

8.Honesty and integrity can not be forsaken.

9.You are known by the company you keep.

10.There is always a scope for betterment.

11.We at Mediflorence believe in the power of scientifically innovative products with best quality to be used for the benefit of humanity and we wish to be known as the fastest growing company where one would be proud of his products, skills, knowledge, and would imbibe a work culture and enthusiasm that would set an example to others to follow.

12.We would always try to give something to the society which is needed, affordable, and helpful to the ailing sections of the society.

13.Many innovative products have been introduced by us for the first time in india i.e PCOD-3 (we were the first to introduce PCOS treatment with NAC & INOSITOL), CRAMPIL (A comprehensive treatment of CRAMPS), FLANIL(A natural alternative to NSAID) These products have been very well accepted by the medical profession.

Many Innovative products are under trial runs. Like a new CARDIOPROTECTOR and a Natural sleep inducer is going to introduce very soon.

BONTY:- A new product to accelerates fractures healing is already been introduce and welcomed by the medical professionals.

* To name a few…

Topical preparations of Polyhexanide.

Injectables like Terlipressin, low molecular weight heparin, ARTISONATE INJ (anti malarial) with novel tri peptide amino acids, analgesics in aqueous base…

Drugs acting on molecular level through novel drug delivery systems…

We are essentially a marketing company having a clear vision and that is why we believe in utilizing our resources in the best possible way by investing more in the sales and marketing sphere and reduce capital investment by outsourcing finished products at the best prices, with the best quality and in the process saving precious capital investment which remains captured unproductively in capital assets of manufacturing.

We started our journey with test marketing U.P.from 2012 to 2014. We have launched operations in Madhyapradesh and plan to launch an all pervasive marketing operation in coming 5 years.